The Silence of Love and Families

By Apryl Miller


  1. Break your silence before Death.
  2. I will die in my silence.
  3. Do not leave your love in silence.
  4. You will die with my silence.
  5. I take your silence to the grave.
  6. Keep silence far from your Heart.
  7. Do not shroud your pain with silence.
  8. Do not leave your love unspoken across The chasm, The Abyss.  No unspoken love, My Love.
  9. Keep silence far from your Heart:  And I shall:  My Love.
  10. Does silence protect the Heart?  Does it?  Is your Heart Protected?
  11. Break your silence before I die.  Tell me before the grave.  Tell me silence before the dirt is here.....
  12. Tell me silence before dirt clumps.  Clumps of dirt before.
  13. You will lose me in your silence.  Yes you will.
  14. The wounds of silence, My Love.
  15. Your silence is wounding, to my Heart: My Love.
  16. I reject your silence.  Yes I do.  Yes I do.
  17. Tell Me The Why of your Silence Tell me The Why
  18. The Silence of Love and Families
  19. My Love is not safe in your silence.
  20. Speak and break silence, My Love, before my love withers.
  21. Your silence is death to my love.
  22. Water my love with words.
  23. My love needs watered with your words to live.
  24. Do not nurture silence with me.
  25. Pour your words on your silence to feed me.
  26. I hunger for your words in your silence.
  27. Silence cannot be nurtured.
  28. You must say every day that you love.
  29. There must be no doubt of love.
  30. Your silence does not speak of love.
  31. Your silence does not hold love.
  32. Blow the whistle on silence.


March 2007