The Where and The How

Left you and your Silence

By Apryl Miller

Your Silence ate away at me

and my music within,

My tears rejoiced, wept

great gallons as I walked

away from the promise that

Will never Root and

silence that will not break

nor heal, no matter the view.


My tears and I, we

walked long miles to embrace the Sister, The Wife,

the Mother, The father, the niece, the Uncle,

the husband, the cousin, the nephew,

the Grandfather, the Grandmother,

the Brother, the aunt, the Son,

and the daughter.


My tears and I, we walked long arduous

miles, together, sometimes fighting, sometimes

embracing, sometimes sleeping on opposite

sides of the bed, we walked, parched,

accusing, and trying to love.

We walked, me sometimes drenched

with my tear's sorrows,

my panted, wet thighs rubbed together,

my feet growing blisters

from my soaked shoes,

but still we walked, together,

sometimes I carried my tears,

other times my tears

Carried me, helpless in her

arms, like a pieta,

I was carried, dead like with

Sorrows, my tears said,

"I will cry for you, I will cry with

you. I will cry for you and with you as you

Write and as you speak. I will

Weep for others who cannot and

I shall feel the pain and release

for others who have died and

they could not-Those who have

died with/out release-I shall release

them now," my tears and I so that

We may be released now, So

that we may be released from

the shackles of the Past, the shackles

that were handed us as babies,

innocent, unsuspecting pink creatures,

able to only cry and coo, the shackles clipped

in between our cries and coos, My

tears and I, we walked long, arduous miles together,

holding hands, sometimes with biting nails or

bleeding craters, the same nail's handiwork in the palms,



We walked and my tears sprinkled

me with the Beatitudes, we

left you and your Silence as it ate

away at me and my music within

and made me snarl, it made

the corners of my mouth turn down,

Brought wrinkles to my forehead,

tears that were not even about you,

but were really about me, and we

Walked away from your silence, I, drenched

in The Beatitudes, I, safe in The

Beatitudes, as we walked, finally

in Silence, together, we walked our

miles, companionable and lonely,

we walked our miles together, we

walked to embrace the sister, the wife,

the Mother, The Father, the niece, the

uncle, the husband, the cousin, the

nephew, the Grandfather, the Grandmother,

the brother, the aunt, the son and

the daughter.


October, 2012