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'Million Dollar Decorating' Podcast with James Swan by apryl miller

I had the good fortune to be interviewed recently by James Swan of the Million Dollar Podcast. Every week, James, designer extraordinaire, interviews the biggest names in the art and design fields. His podcast is considered one of the best in the design world. We had a lively conversation, discussing The Apryl Miller Zeitgeist, the genesis of my creative life, how to find your personal style and raising children in a creative environment. I advised James' listeners to do everything wrong, as it’s the best advice I have to give. You too can explore this concept by visiting "How To Do Everything Wrong". When you do everything wrong, it turns out right. Please have a listen, I think you'll enjoy our conversation. Thank you, James, for the opportunity. 


Apryl Miller: A Visionary Nest by apryl miller

I had the good fortune to be invited to write an article about my art by Kate Davey for her blog. The title of my article is "Apryl Miller: A Visionary Nest". Kate is an expert on outsider and self-taught art. Her blog, KD Outsider Art, focuses on showcasing the work of these artists with many insightful articles and guest writers who contribute varied and thoughtful pieces to her blog. It was an honor to be invited. Thank you, Kate!

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