Apryl Miller in the April 2017 issue of Interior Design by apryl miller

I was recently featured in the April 2017 issue of Interior Design. Titled "back to school," the article is about an alumni group from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). They showed together at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), in a booth sponsored by FIT. Our concept was "Future Nostalgia", which was derived from a show by performance artist Penny Arcade, "Longing Lasts Longer". The article highlights different participant's work and discusses the meaning behind the concept.

Interior Design Scan.jpg

Apryl Miller Interview for Or Does It Explode by apryl miller

I was interviewed recently for an article, "Sculpture Masquerading as Furniture', Color, Juxtapositions, and More.", for online arts magazine Or Does It Explode. The interview was conducted by Tasha Mathew and she presented me with an array of thought provoking questions. She quarried me about my background, the meaning of color in my work, my connection to fabrics, and my search for identity. She wrote an insightful introduction to the interview which showed that she had spent some time considering my art. I appreciated the time spent with my work. Thank you, Tasha!