'Sculpture Masquerading as Furniture', Color, Juxtapositions, and More: The Apryl Miller Interview at Or Does It Explode / by apryl miller

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ms. Apryl Miller," Such kind words from Tasha Mathew who recently interviewed me for Or Does It Explode, the online magazine that focuses on personal expression. Many thanks to Tasha, who continues: Apryl's "art is visceral with interesting juxtapositions – ideas of silence outfitted by loud fabric; ideas of loneliness encapsulated within colorful, bright furniture; and bright boxes that open up to a hollow, dark space within. Through these juxtapositions, she expresses both the positivity and the darkness that color our lives." While writing about my Sculpture Masquerading as Furniture series, Tasha goes on to quote me as saying that "by creating a safe environment in which we can accept the conflicting forces within us, we can achieve peace, if only for brief periods of time."